Christmas at Brannockstown

Everyone is super welcome to come along to any of our services at Brannockstown Baptist Church. There’s no dress code, nothing to bring, and nothing asked or expected of visitors and new folks; just come along, get a warm and friendly welcome, watch and listen in, and enjoy a hot cuppa and a natter afterwards.

Here are the details of our special Christmas services…

Friday 20th December 3pm – Carols for Kids… we’ll sing some favourite children’s carols and explore part of the Christmas story in a short, interactive talk.

Friday 20th December 7pm – Candlelit Carols… we’ll hear some traditional bible readings for Christmas time, and sing some classic carols inspired by the story they tell.

Sunday 22nd December 11am – Family Carols… we’ll sing a mix of carols for kids and adults, and look into part of the Christmas story.

Wednesday 25th December 11am – Christmas Day Family Service… we’ll celebrate with a short service for all the family. See you there!