New Sermon Series: Exodus

Looking to survive famine, the family of Abraham has settled in the land of the Pharaohs. Over 400 years these immigrants multiply, coming to be seen as a threat to Egypt, and are subdued into cruel slavery. Will God keep his promise to give them a land of their own, where they can live with God and in peace? Exodus is the story of God powerfully breaking his people out of slavery, saving them from his judgment, bringing them safe through death and leading them home to him. It’s the rescue that echoes through the Old Testament and that brilliantly illustrates the way we’re rescued and led home by Jesus. If you want to see Jesus more clearly and be inspired by his love for you, or you want to know what Christianity is even all about, this is a great book to study. Come and hear more: Sunday mornings, 11am, from 20th October.