We are a church family that seeks to honour the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do and to help people to find, and to grow in, faith in Him. God’s living Word, the Bible, and prayer are at the heart of our church life.

Brannockstown Baptist Church is a member of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland, a partnership first formed in 1895 and currently comprised of around 120 independent local churches in Ireland.

Here are the details of our Basis of Faith:

  • The verbal inspiration and the all and sole sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures as originally given
  • The Trinity in Unity of the Godhead
  • The essential Deity and perfect humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • The personality of the Holy Spirit
  • The depraved and fallen state of man
  • The substitutionary sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • The justification of the sinner through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
  • The personality of the devil
  • The natural immortality of the soul
  • The second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • The resurrection of the body
  • The eternal security of the believer
  • The conscious, eternal punishment of those who die impenitent
  • The binding character of the ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and the immersion of believers as Christian baptism
  • The responsibility of all saved souls to live “sober, righteous and godly lives in this present age.”