Summer Club 2022

Come along to our summer Kids’ Club at Brannockstown Baptist Church! From Monday 8th to Friday 12th August, a talented team from Baptist Youth will lead a fun-filled programme of games, crafts, quizzes, music and great bits from the bible, taking over the church halls and enclosed grassy grounds of the church, just a couple … More Summer Club 2022

New Sermon Series: Micah

If people claim to love, worship, and obey God, that’s supposed to show itself in their lives. They should be different. They should be good. But sometimes people who claim to love God are obviously hypocrites. A few are headline-worthy, but many just get on with low-level prejudice, greed, and discrimination. Does God care about … More New Sermon Series: Micah

New Sermon Series: Titus

Churches go wrong. Unhelpful teaching and unhealthy leadership provide the growing conditions for toxic cultures and for members whose lives and characters are unchanged by what is supposed to be a life-changing faith. Is that your experience of churches? It easily could be, but it shouldn’t be. The Apostle Paul’s short letter to his apprentice, … More New Sermon Series: Titus

New Sermon Series: Genesis 37-50

Three Sundays taking a bird’s eye look at the story of Joseph, the technicolor teenager who went through slavery and prison on the way to saving the world, and Judah, his selfish opportunistic half-brother who turned from sin to step into self-sacrificial leadership that reminds us of Jesus.

New Sermon Series: Jonah

What do you think ‘the God of the Old Testament’ is like? That phrase often seems to be used as shorthand for a God who is stern, harsh, judgmental, dangerous, angry, even bigoted. If that’s what we think then we’ve been fooled! The short story of Jonah shows a God who rules his creation, who … More New Sermon Series: Jonah