Reading Through 2018

This post is a follow up to this letter given out at Brannockstown Baptist in the run-up to the New Year of 2018.

Bible-Reading Plans

Here is a one year plan to read the whole Bible, or just the New Testament.  Also available in  Spanish.

Here is a two year plan to read the whole Bible.  The plan is designed to line up with this book.  If you want to try this plan, it’d be great to read this article first, which explains a bit more about the plan and the book.

If time pressure is off, you might want to try Search the Scriptures, a guide to study the whole Bible more closely over three years.

A great resource for teens is Engage. It gives a bit of help with the passage for each day, as well as hot-topic articles, and takes you through the entire Bible in five years.

There are lots of bible reading notes for kids, but one that would take them through all the turning points of the Bible in a year (without covering every chapter or verse) is Exploring the Bible.  It could be a good one for families to do together!

Finally, a super video resource for the year is Speak Life’s Reading Between The Lines series on Youtube.  It shouldn’t take the place of reading the Bible for yourself, but gives a fantastic little ~7-minute blast of encouragement from the Bible every day for a whole year as it hops, skips and jumps from Genesis to Revelation.

New Year reading ideas

This list of books is designed to give you one recommendation on a particular topic.  It’s also designed to introduce a variety of authors who are well worth reading.  If you’re ordering books, you can sometimes get a good second-hand book through Amazon, or try The Good Book Company, 10ofthose, and ICM books (often well-priced and promptly despatched).  Watch out for currency conversion and postage charges… Why not see if you can read one Christian book per month in 2018?

About God / God the Father… Knowing God (J.I.Packer)

Knowing God

About Jesus… The Cross of Christ (John Stott)

The Cross of Christ

About God the Holy Spirit… Experiencing the Spirit (Graham Beynon)

Experiencing The Spirit

About suffering… Invest Your Suffering (Paul Mallard)

Invest Your Suffering

About sex & sexuality… A Better Story (Glynn Harrison)

A Better Story

About marriage… The Meaning of Marriage (Tim & Kathy Keller)

The Meaning of Marriage

About the Bible… God’s Big Picture (Vaughan Roberts)

God's Big Picture

About evangelism… Know and Tell the Gospel (John Chapman)

Tough Questions 08 cov

About mission… Finish the Mission (John Piper & David Mathis eds)

Finish the Mission

About church… Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (Mark Dever)

Nine Marks of a Healthy Church

About God’s work in us… The Hole in our Holiness (Kevin De Young)

The Hole in our Holiness

About family/parenting… Gospel Centred Family (Tim Chester & Ed Moll)

Gospel-Centred Family

About friendship… True Friendship (Vaughan Roberts)

True Friendship

About heaven… Eternity Changes Everything (Stephen Witmer)

Eternity Changes Everything

About prayer… Enjoy your Prayer Life (Michael Reeves)

Enjoy your Prayer Life

About doctrine… Know the Truth (Bruce Milne)

Know the Truth

About big questions/apologetics… The Reason for God (Tim Keller)

The Reason for God

About busyness… The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness (Tim Chester)

The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness