New Sermon Series: Acts

In May and June we return to Acts, picking up in ch 16 as the gospel takes root in Europe. We’ll see that the gospel turned lives and communities upside down, calling people out of idol worship and empty religion into a new and radically different life and faith… just as it continues to do … More New Sermon Series: Acts

New Sermon Series: Church

In March we’ll take time out from studying books of the Bible and instead look at a few topics on the theme of ‘church’. What happens at a healthy church? Why do we do the things we do? We’ll turn to the Bible to find out about Baptism, Communion, Church Membership, Church Discipline and Elders.

New Sermon Series: Acts

On Sunday mornings from October to December we return to Acts, the historical account of Jesus’ ongoing work in and through his apostles by his Spirit, establishing his church. This time we’ll see the gospel burst beyond the Jewish people and beyond the borders of Israel, transforming lives in every culture. See you there, Sundays … More New Sermon Series: Acts

New Sermon Series: Romans

This term we’re tackling Romans: Paul’s letter to believers in ancient Rome. It’s a letter all about the good news of Jesus, the gospel.  The gospel, says Paul, is God’s plan now revealed, God’s power to save, and God’s righteousness as a gift to us. The gospel revolutionises our relationship with God (ch 1-8), redefines … More New Sermon Series: Romans

New Sermon Series: Acts

In early 2018 we’re looking at the book of Acts. This book is the historical account of Jesus’ ongoing work in and through his apostles by his Spirit. It’s the record of the spread of the news that Jesus rose from the dead to prove all he had taught about himself and about the kingdom … More New Sermon Series: Acts