New Sermon Series: Jonah

What do you think ‘the God of the Old Testament’ is like? That phrase often seems to be used as shorthand for a God who is stern, harsh, judgmental, dangerous, angry, even bigoted. If that’s what we think then we’ve been fooled! The short story of Jonah shows a God who rules his creation, who is filled with compassion, and who acts to save by calling people to turn from sin and trust in him. By contrast, it shows us a man, Jonah, who is grumpy, judgmental, angry and bigoted to the point of racism. Put simply, God loves people Jonah hates. Join us for what promises to be an uncomfortable look at our own prejudice and inconsistency, along with a fantastic view of a patient, compassionate, loving, saving God. Sundays at 11am on from 11th April to 2nd May.