Christmas at Brannockstown

Like everything in 2020, Christmas at Brannockstown Baptist Church is going to be a bit different. Ordinarily we’re cramming people into our buildings for carol singing and mince pies and more besides. We love having friends, family, neighbours and newbies joining in with it all. This year, with seats spread out and windows open in the depths of winter, the best way to join in might just be from home!

We’ll be streaming our services on YouTube live at 11am each Sunday in the lead-up to Christmas. You can find that every week by clicking the green button on our home page. The line-up might grow or change, but the basic plan that we’re willing to put in black and white right now is…

Sunday 20th December 11am… tune in to hear how Jesus’ coming at Christmas was the fulfillment not only of some very old promises of God but some very contemporary needs of ours today.

Friday 25th December 11am… tune in to hear how Jesus arrived, and how there were clues straight away as to who he was and why he came.

Sunday 27th December 11am… tune in to hear what it means that little Jesus was worshipped by foreigners and almost killed by his own people.

Sunday 3rd January 11am… tune in to our new series in John’s gospel as we see Jesus in action and hear what he has to say.