Suspending activities because of Covid-19

Hi everyone,

The elders have taken the difficult decision to suspend all church activities, including Sunday services until the end of March. That means there will be no service tomorrow Sunday 15th, nor on 22nd or 29th March. A decision on the resumption of activities will come in due course.

While this is arguably more than is required of us, we’re also aware that we bring people in from a wide geographical spread, with lots of communities connected to the various families and members of the church. In addition, we have a number of people of the generations most at risk from the Covid-19 virus, and several whose health is already fragile. While the government guidance does not preclude us from meeting, we feel it is better to err on the side of caution.

However, much like schools that are sending work home with students, we would like to send you home, as it were, with work to do. Here are some ideas…

We want to keep feeding on God’s Word, so I will record a sermon and upload it to Mixcloud as usual, which you can find via the ‘Sundays’ page of the church website. I plan to attempt a video version for anyone who would prefer that (though goodness knows why you would). That will be found on the church’s Youtube channel in due course. Parents of Sunday School children might like to get the materials electronically (like this) and work through them together. Speak to Hannah and Avril about that. And/or you could gather as a family round a good podcast like Faith in Kids. Those who give via the weekly offering might want to set that aside to give later. As always I’m happy to suggest a good christian book or audio resource that might suit you.

We want to keep encouraging one another, so why not make a plan to try to phone one or two people in the church family every day and have a chat, even briefly. Talking is much better than texting or using social media. If you start that now, you’ll have called more or less every household by the end of the month. I’ll have a think about how we might volunteer our phone numbers to one another in a secure way. However we’re comfortable to do it, it would be great to reach the end of this season with a real glow of the genuine care and real love we have for one another.

We want to keep serving one another, so get in touch in with anyone in church you might be concerned for, or those who might especially try to stay home because of their health, and offer to drop in supplies or help them out in other ways if you can. When we talk with one another, ask how to pray specifically for each other at the moment. Pray afterwards, or pray on the phone if you can.

We want to keep loving our neighbours. Historically, Christians’ hope in the Lord who overcame death and who will give us resurrection life has meant they have risked their own health in order to love and serve people and testify in that way to the truth of what we believe. How can we look after people in our circles and our local communities at the moment, and how can we share the gospel at this time?

You will probably be able to think of other ways, possibly much more creative, for worship, encouragement, love, service and outreach over the coming weeks. We have an opportunity in these ways to demonstrate to one another and to the world that what we believe and say is real and true. We trust in a sovereign God, we trust in a living saviour, we serve a reigning king and we hope in a real future.

Take care and God bless – speak soon!

Rich, John, Dave, Allan