New Sermon Series: Luke

On Sunday mornings from December to April we’re going to examine the life of Jesus as presented by gospel writer Luke. He says that he carefully investigated all the eye-witness testimony about Jesus in order to write an accurate account so that we can be sure about what we believe.

Luke will take us through the story of Jesus’ remarkable arrival that first Christmas. He’ll put us alongside Jesus to see what he did and hear what he taught as he demonstrated to all that he was and is the Son of God. Luke will take us with Jesus on the road to Jerusalem where Jesus taught what it means to follow him as he journeyed resolutely and intentionally to his own death. And Luke will walk us through that first Easter, when Jesus willingly died a tragic, gruesome and shameful death, but on the third day rose again just as he said he would.

If you want to know who Jesus is, why he matters and what it means to follow him, come and hear it from Jesus himself.